The tree, three bisons, the forest / L'arbre, trois bisons, la forêt

Bisons under the snow / Bisons sous la neige

Bisons on the ridge / Bisons sur la crête

Bisons and snow / Les bisons et la neige

I am a rock

I am an island

And a rock feels no pain

Bison in snowy landscape / Bisons dans paysage de neige

I'd like to be a wolf / je voudrais être un loup

The Thunderer

The Thunderer

Romantic frost in Lamar Valley (tribute to Philippe C.)

Lamar Valley overview

Lamar River


Japanese impression

Firehole River Valley

Yellowstone Caldera Hot Springs

Firehole or Given River

Old Faithful Geiser

Island from above - Prismatic Springs

Wave texture - Prismatic Springs

Terraces - Prismatic Springs

Water and Steam - Prismatic Springs

Waves of Stone - Prismatic Springs

Waves and Light - Prismatic Springs

Prismatic Springs

Rolling Hills

Wintertime in Wyoming

Lamar River

Snow Covered Meadow

Dead Tree and Raven

Dead Tree and Raven

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